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The 2016 UDC National

Join us April 19th through the 23rd for the 26th annual UDC National in Medina Ohio.

Two conformation shows, two obedience trials, temperaments tests, a breed survey and the 2016 UDC IPO Championship!

See the national webpage for pictures and video of the grounds, a tentative schedule of events and judges. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Thank you to DOGSPORT GEAR for their very generous sponsorship of the 2016 UDC National IPO Championship Trial!


25 Years of the UDC National from Urban Canines.


2016 AWDF Championship

A benefit of United Doberman Club membership is the opportunity for qualified dog and handler teams to apply to represent the Doberman breed, the United Doberman Club, and the United States in several prestigious National and International IPO trials. It is the goal of the UDC to select the best handler/Doberman team(s) to represent our club and our breed at each of these events. One of these national events is the annual AWDF (American Working Dog Federation) Team Championship, held in the spring of each year. Further information available on the webpage.


UDC Information

Here you will find information about the UDC, our shows, our philosophy, and much more.  Right now the website is in a redesign phase.  We ask your patience as we make the site better for your use.

Whether you are an experienced Doberman owner or completely unfamiliar with the breed, you will find valuable information here about the breed and its special qualities as a companion and protector.  If you are considering adding a Doberman to your household, take a few minutes to learn more about Doberman temperament, conformation, and health concerns.  Learn about sources for obtaining a pet or show Doberman, how to evaluate a breeder or rescue organization, and how to select a puppy or adult dog.

Perhaps you already own (or are owned by) one or more Dobermans?  Explore our site to discover activities in which you can participate with your Doberman, and where you can go to network with other Doberman owners and enthusiasts.  The UDC offers opportunities to learn more about training your Doberman in a variety of activities for which your dog is suited.  And if competition is of interest, check out the many UDC events that are held around the country.

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