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Last updated April, 2018

Rebholzer Breeding Announcement

Sire Name: C-Amos vom Haus Mann
Sire Titles: IPO 3
Sire Health Info: PHTVL/PHPV Free; Normal Echo November 2017; Normal Holter October 2017; vWD Carrier; Normal OFA Thyroid Oct 2017; OFA Hips: DP-14952F39M-VPI Fair
Dam Name: Rebholzer Bad Moon Rising
Dam Health Test Info: VWD clear, eyes- OFA normal-10/16,OFA Good hips,normal elbows, thyroid normal-2/18, DCM1&2-negative, Echo-normal 10/17, holter- 0 PVCs- 10/17
Breeder of Litter: Traci Mulligan and Judy Robinson
Kennel Name: Rebholzer Dobermans
Due Date or Date Whelped: June 11, 2018
Contact Name: Traci Mulligan
Contact Phone: 802-375-6121
Contact Email:
Contact City/State: Vermont
Contact Website Address:

Listing Expires: 07/08/2018


Masaya Breeding Announcement

Sire Name: Masaya’s Black Sabbath “Razor”
Sire Titles: IPO3, PSA-PDC, AD, ZTP, BSA, CGC, WAC
Sire Health Info: CERF Normal, Holter normal (2018) Echo Norm (2017) Vwd Clear (Parentage)
Dam Name: Kek-Kallo Menti Anabel
Dam Titles: BH, CGC, TDI
Dam Health Test Info: Echo Norm (2017), Holter Normal (Dec 2017), DV Hips, Vwd Clear, CERF
Breeder of Litter: Brandi Williams & Lindsey Gleason
Kennel Name: Masaya Dobermans
Due Date or Date Whelped: May 21, 2018
Contact Name: Brandi Williams
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
Contact City/State: Little Rock, Arkansas
Contact Website Address:

Listing Expires: 06/10/2018


von Moeller Hof Breeding Announcement

Sire Name: Dark Nemo vom Koby Haus
Sire Titles: IPO3, ZTP V1A
Sire Health Info: OFA Good, vWD Carrier, PDK4 Negative, Holter 0 PVCs 10/2017
Dam Name: Elle v. Moeller Hof
Dam Titles: BH
Dam Health Test Info: OFA Good, vWD Clear, PDK4 Negative, 0 PVCs 10/2017
Breeder of Litter: Christine Rasmusen
Kennel Name: von Moeller Hof
Due Date or Date Whelped: April 8, 2018
Contact Name: Christine Rasmussen
Contact Phone: 919-215-8531
Contact Email:
Contact City/State: Bahama, NC
Contact Website Address:

Listing Expires: 05/21/2018

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