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Whether you are an experienced Doberman owner or completely unfamiliar with the breed, you will find valuable information here about the breed and its special qualities as a companion and protector.  If you are considering adding a Doberman to your household, take a few minutes to learn more about Doberman temperament, conformation, and health concerns.  Learn about sources for obtaining a pet or show Doberman, how to evaluate a breeder or rescue organization, what you need to know about service animals before bringing them in, and how to select a puppy or adult dog.

Perhaps you already own (or are owned by) one or more Dobermans?  Explore our site to discover activities in which you can participate with your Doberman, and where you can go to network with other Doberman owners and enthusiasts.  The UDC offers opportunities to learn more about training your Doberman in a variety of activities for which your dog is suited.  And if competition is of interest, check out the many UDC events that are held around the country.

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Proud moments to celebrate from our UDC Members

Nikki and Kina earned a new title!

Nikki Kimura and Akina "Kina" vom Apexe IGP3 FH1 ATT earned 5th place IGP3 with High Protection (C94) and Helper's Choice Female at the 2024 USCA Southwest Regional Championship on 2/4/2024 under SV Judge Robbie de Jong (Netherlands).

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Leslie and Lily earned a new title!

Leslie Carpenter and Treasure Seeker's "Lily" Diamond Lil, BH-VT earned their FPr1 with a score of 78 at Old North State Working Dobermans Fall 2023 Trial in Roxboro, NC on 10/21/2023 under USCA Judge Jacob Pope. Lily is now Treasure Seeker's "Lily" Diamond Lil, BH-VT, FPr1.

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Leslie and Grayson earned a new title!

Leslie Carpenter and Treasure Seeker's "Grayson" Forged in Fire WAC earned their BH-VT at Fayetteville Schutzhund Club (USCA) in Fayetteville, NC on 10/28/2023 under USCA Judge Trevor Elcock. Grayson is now Treasure Seeker's "Grayson" Forged in Fire WAC BH-VT.

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Joanna and Ronin earned a new title!

Joanna and UDC CH Haze "Ronin" vom Koby Haus IGP2, WAC, CD, TKA, CGC earned their Rally Novice Title at Versatile K9 Scent Work Club of Northern New Jersey in Andover, NJ on 03/17/2024 earning 2nd place in trial #1 with a score of 90 and 1st place in trial #2 with a score of 97. Haze is now UDC CH Haze "Ronin" vom Koby Haus IGP2, WAC, CD, RN, TKA, CGC.

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