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Whether you are an experienced Doberman owner or completely unfamiliar with the breed, you will find valuable information here about the breed and its special qualities as a companion and protector.  If you are considering adding a Doberman to your household, take a few minutes to learn more about Doberman temperament, conformation, and health concerns.  Learn about sources for obtaining a pet or show Doberman, how to evaluate a breeder or rescue organization, what you need to know about service animals before bringing them in, and how to select a puppy or adult dog.

Perhaps you already own (or are owned by) one or more Dobermans?  Explore our site to discover activities in which you can participate with your Doberman, and where you can go to network with other Doberman owners and enthusiasts.  The UDC offers opportunities to learn more about training your Doberman in a variety of activities for which your dog is suited.  And if competition is of interest, check out the many UDC events that are held around the country.

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Proud moments to celebrate from our UDC Members

Elizabeth and Asha earned a new title!

Elizabeth Campbell and Talane's Ice and Fire Yara RN BCAT ACT1J SWA CGCA TKI ATT BH earned their WAC at Tucson Doberman Pinscher Club in Tucson AZ on Nov 15th, 2023 under Judge Mr. Eric Peterson. Asha is now Talane's Ice and Fire Yara RN BCAT ACT1J SWA CGCA TKI ATT BH WAC

photo credit: n/a

Kim and Groove earned new titles!

Kim Somjen and Holiday "Groove" von Moeller hof CGC have earned several titles in 2023. Groove earned her CH (3 cc's for altered class) and her ATT in July 2023 at UDCNY in Honeoye Falls, NY under 3 different judges. She also earned her Brevet (mondioring) title in October 2023 at Fearless Ringsport in Franklinville, NJ under Judge Ann Putegnat with a 94, First place and High Protection (Brevet), High Non-Malinois in Trial. Groove is now CH Holiday von Moeller hof Brevet ATT CGC.

photo credit: Shelby Wise

Scott and Dajo earned a new title!

Scott Weddle and ELARA'S RED DEVIL AKA "DAJO" earned a new title. Dajo earned their BH on 12/09/2023 at Flinthills Working Dogs in Junction city, Kansas under Judge Trevor Elcock (USCA). Dajois now ELARA'S RED DEVIL AKA "DAJO" BH.

photo credit: n/a

Nikki and Kina earned new titles!

Nikki Kimura and Akina "Kina" vom Apexe had a busy 2023 and earned 3 IGP3s (at 3 different championships) and an FH1. Nikki and Kina competed for an IGP3-USCA Southwest Regionals getting 6th place and earning high scoring auslander in Pala, California. They competed for an IGP3 at UDC Nationals earning High Point All Around Doberman, Vice Champion, high protection, high obedience in Oakville, Washington. They also competed for their IGP3 at USCA Northwest Regionals in Lincoln, California and lastly an FH1 at Wild West GSDCA Spring Trial in Delhi, California.

photo credit: Brian Aghajani

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