About UDC


The United Doberman Club (UDC) was formed in 1990. Its members are Doberman fanciers from around the world who are dedicated to preserving and protecting the Doberman and its heritage as a working dog.

We advance the interests of the Doberman breed of dog by educating our members and the general public about the working ability, conformation, temperament, health, breeding, training and maintenance of the Total Doberman, sound in mind and body.

The UDC offers national and local competitive activities as well as club programs such as a dog and litter registration, a breed survey, a club magazine, and a club email list for members. All of these provide educational opportunities in which those persons dedicated to the Total Doberman may participate to preserve and protect the heritage of the breed.

The UDC is a member club of the American Working Dog Federation, a club of clubs that promotes working dogs of many different breeds. Each year the UDC fields a team to the AWDF Working Dog Championships and Team Challenge. Through AWDF membership, our UDC working Dobermans that are qualified are offered the chance to represent the USA and the UDC and compete at the FCI World Championships.

The UDC is also a member of the IDC (International Dobermann Club), an international club of Doberman breed clubs from around the world, and provides a financial stipend to our qualified working competitors at this prestigious event.

The UDC holds its National Specialty Show in the spring of every year, with obedience, conformation, tracking and schutzhund events, seminars, and our Breed Survey.

The UDC publishes the FOCUS, a quarterly full color magazine, with articles about breed history, training the Doberman, and living with Dobermans, club news, and event announcements and results. The magazine is included as a benefit of membership.

The UDC offers a Breed Survey program that provides owners and breeders with in-depth information about their dogs’ conformation and character and health, and encourages members to test breeding stock.

The UDC offers an individual dog registration program which tracks all titles earned from legitimate, recognized dog breed and performance clubs. In addition, the UDC offers a litter registration program that provides special recognition to those litters produced from parents that have been evaluated through the Breed Survey program and have earned advanced working titles.

Not only does membership in UDC offer many benefits to Doberman owners and fanciers, it verifies your support and commitment to the promotion and advancement of the Doberman as a “total” dog — sound in mind and body. You will be part of a group of Doberman enthusiasts who believe in testing their dogs’ working ability, who guard against indiscriminate breeding, and whose goal is physical soundness and correct temperament.