Recognition & Awards

IGP3 Club

The IGP3 club is to recognize the accomplishments of UDC members who have titled their dogs from the BH to IGP3. Recognizing members who handled/owner trained their dog from the BH to IGP3.

To enroll the IGP 3 Club you will need to fill out an application and remit a $10.00 IGP 3 Club Membership fee.

1) The titles of BH, IGP1, IGP2, and IGP3 must be earned by the same handler on a previously untitled dog.
2) The dog must be registered with UDC and the applicant must be a UCD member in good standing.
3) A copy of the scorebook showing proof of titles MUST be submitted with application for IGP3 Club membership

Deceased dogs may be added to the IGP 3 posthumously. However, the dog must have been registered with UDC and the owner/handler must be a current UDC member and also have been a member at the time their dog earned the SchH 3/IPO 3/IGP 3.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a IGP 3 Club Certificate suitable for framing. You and you dog will be added to the list of IGO 3 Club Members on the United Doberman Club website. And, you will be able to order unique IGO 3 Club Merchandise from the United Doberman Club Zazzle site.

IGP 3 Club Application (pdf)



Versatility Companion (VC): The purpose of the VC title is to encourage participation in a wide variety of activities for which the Doberman is suited, and to recognize the trainability and versatility of the Doberman Pinscher. A VC certificate will be awarded to acknowledge those Dobermans who perform work suitable to the breed, and participate successfully in a variety of activities.

Versatility Companion Excellent (VCX): The purpose of the VCX title is to recognize and promote the “Total Doberman”. A VCX certificate will be awarded to acknowledge and honor the Doberman who approaches excellence. This title requires a dog that meets the breed standard, tends toward genetic soundness, exhibits stable temperament and trainability, and demonstrates working drives appropriate to the breed.

Versatility Companion (VC): Requires 5 points from a minimum of 4 categories. Must include at least 1 point from at least one of the following categories: Obedience, Tracking, Schutzhund / Ring Sport, Agility.
Versatility Companion Excellent (VCX): Requires 10 points from a minimum of 5 categories. Must include at least 1 point from each of the following categories: Conformation, Temperament, Genetic Health. Must include at least 1 point from at least one of the following categories: Obedience, Tracking, Schutzhund / Ring Sport, Agility.

Complete rules for the Versatility Program can be found the in UDC Performance Manual.

For additional information about the UDC Versatility program, please contact Julie Ferado, Versatility Commitee Chair:  (425) 226-4810 or

Annual Service Dog Awards

The United Doberman Club Annual Service Dog Award recognizes an outstanding Doberman and handler team whose work promotes the use of the Doberman in a variety of working and service needs.
This award was initiated in 1999 by the UDC SAR dog group, and initially was for SAR dogs only. Eventually, the award was opened up to all service dogs. The award process will be advertised in the Winter edition of FOCUS. It also will be announced on the official UDC communication tool Zooza.

The UDC Board will appoint a committee to accept and verify nominations. Nominations that are not successful in one year may be considered in subsequent years, with the approval of the nominee. A list of nominations, along with corresponding backup materials for each candidate, will be provided to the Board for a decision at a meeting prior to the UDC national. A certificate signed by the UDC president will be presented at the national or mailed to recipient if the recipient cannot attend.

Each year the award recipient’s name (dog and owner) will be engraved on the Always Faithful bronze statue donated by Linda Kurz and sculptress Susan Bahary in memory of D-CH Branwen vom Haus Kurz OA OAC OJC OGC NAJ AD BH UD TR1 WAC VCX. The bronze will remain in the care of Irene Korotev. A War Dog Memorial poster will be sent by sculptress Susan Bahary to each year’s recipient. The Award Committee chair will advise both Susan Bahary and Irene Korotev of the awardee each year. In addition, the Award chair will provide the nomination materials to the FOCUS editor so that an article about the recipient will appear in FOCUS.

Nominations for the award are open to any UDC registered dog.  To nominate a dog, please submit this form to the Service Dog Committee Chair.

Service Dog Nomination Form