Dog and Litter Registration

UDC Registration Program

For questions and information about UDC dog registration, please contact Tammy Rush, Interim Administrator of Records at

The purpose of the UDC registration program is to provide serious breeders with information on UDC-registered dogs pertaining to health, character and conformation. Breeders will have a complete source to aid in breeding sounder, healthier dogs. This program will be designed to help promote the TOTAL DOBERMAN and should have a significant impact on the direction our breed will take. UDC is encouraging all members to participate in the program to ensure that our database accumulates enough information to become useful.

This program will succeed only with the cooperation and support of UDC members. We have the opportunity to take the Doberman in a new, purposeful direction. This registration program will be an excellent tool to pull all the pieces together and to help members honestly evaluate the breed-worthiness of individual dogs; however, the system will only work if members participate and take advantage of the registration program.

UDC Registry
c/o Tammy Rush
12239 SW 110th St.
Augusta, KS 67010
Telephone: (316) 619-0704