Welcome to the world of Dobermans working in Search and Rescue!
Dobermans are uniquely suited to Search and Rescue

A well-trained Doberman embodies all of the characteristics that make them exceptional working dogs.

  • A solid work ethic
  • Exceptional problem solvers
  • Agile
  • Versatile
  • Quick-learners that are easily trained

Search and Rescue areas of specialty

Air Scent/Live Find
Dogs working as Air Scent/Live Find specialists are trained to look for people who are lost or missing.  These dogs can cover a large amount of land is a short amount of time and are trained to return to their handlers and “alert” when they have found their victims.  Life find specialists are often used in large forested areas or terrain that may be difficult to search.

A disaster dog can specialize in live find or human remains detection.   This dog is trained to respond to hand signals and direction from its handler at a distance. This is a dog with exceptional obedience skills and specializes in working collapsed structures or large areas of debris such as tornadoes or hurricanes.  Disaster dogs have been on call and worked Hurricane Dorian and were on the scene at the World Trade Center.

A trailing dog is trained to take scent off of a specific article of clothing or personal item and follow that scent to the person it is looking for. Trailing dogs are able to follow trails that are not only hours or days old but can follow trails that are weeks old. In a consolidated search effort, trailing dogs are often utilize to find a direction that the victim traveled and can be paired with or utilized with air scent or human remains detection dogs.

Human Remains Detection
HRD specialists are dogs specifically trained to locate human remains.  Those remains may be from a recently deceased victim or older cold cases.  The HRD dog is trained to work in all kinds of environments. They can work outdoors on land, vehicles, collapsed structures, water or conduct building searches.  HRD dogs are often trained to find historical remains. HRD dogs have the capability of finding remains that are hundreds of years old.


UDC SAR Puppy Project

This program was founded by UDC SAR committee members, Irene Korotev, Rayanne Chamberlain and Pam Burns and was created to match Dobermans with unique working ability with a handler who is looking for a search K9.

Interested handlers apply to the UDC and when a donated puppy is available they will test the puppy for their area of expertise and decide if the particular dog is appropriate for that type of search.

This successful program not only helps breeders interested in developing the working qualities of a dog but also gives handlers the opportunity to acquire a quality working Doberman. Handler and breeder develop a life-long relationship, stay in contact and monitor the dog’s career.

Over the past decade, the program has placed a number of Dobermans in working homes. Many of these dogs are certified in Search and Rescue/Recovery today.

Service Dog of the Year

Each year the United Doberman Club recognizes one exceptional K9 team working in Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Therapy or Emergency Services, a program developed by UDC member Linda Kurz.

As part of the recognition, the dog/handler team will have made a significant contribution to their field either in the past year or over the lifetime of the dog.

The Service Dog of the Year is awarded at the United Doberman Club annual meeting during the Nationals. This important program is celebrating over 20 years of recognizing Dobermans and their partners for their dedication and service.

SAR Holter Program

New in 2019, the UDC SAR Committee -Maria Ciski, Diane Linstrom, Rayanne Chamberlain, Pam Burns and Irene Korotev developed the SAR Holter Program.

So often, SAR handlers do not have the resources to perform the cardio screenings their dogs need.  SAR is volunteer based and handlers often have limited means.

This program allows SAR handlers to conduct Holter tests on their dogs as needed free of charge with a minimum donation for program support. Any UDC member is able to lease the holter for a minimum donation of $35.00 into the UDC SAR fund, refundable deposit and signed contract.

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