United Doberman Club IPO 3 Club


The IPO3 club is to recognize the accomplishments of UDC members who have titled their dogs from the BH to IPO3. Recognizing members who handled/owner trained their dog from the BH to IPO3.

To enroll the IPO 3 Club you will need to fill out an application and remit a $10.00 IPO 3 Club Membership fee.

1) The titles of BH, IPO1, IPO2, and IPO3 must be earned by the same handler on a previously untitled dog.
2) The dog must be registered with UDC and the applicant must be a UCD member in good standing.
3) A copy of the scorebook showing proof of titles MUST be submitted with application for IPO3 Club membership

Deceased dogs may be added to the IPO 3 posthumously. However, the dog must have been registered with UDC and the owner/handler must be a current UDC member and also have been a member at the time their dog earned the SchH 3/IPO 3.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a IPO 3 Club Certificate suitable for framing. You and you dog will be added to the list of IPO 3 Club Members on the United Doberman Club website. And, you will be able to order unique IPO 3 Club Merchandise from the United Doberman Club Zazzle site.

IPO 3 Club Application (pdf)
IPO 3 Club Members (xcel)