The UDC’s Constitution states the purposes of the club in this fashion:

to preserve and protect the Doberman Pinscher and its heritage as a working dog, doing everything possible to perfect its natural qualities

  • to maintain open dialogue with all clubs sharing similar objectives, national and international, while insuring the autonomy of the United Doberman Club
  • to advance the interests of the breed by educating members about working ability, conformation, temperament, health, breeding, training and maintenance of the Total Doberman, sound in mind and body
  • to maintain a supplemental registry for Doberman Pinschers, recording all earned degrees and titles from recognized and acceptable organizations
  • to conduct events that promote the Doberman as a working breed, and to record and issue titles
  • to encourage participation in a variety of activities for which the Doberman is suited
  • to publish an official publication promoting the objectives of the club.

The UDC serves as a center for the dissemination of information about the Doberman through sponsorship or educational programs, seminars, temperament testing programs, breed surveys and genetic testing. The UDC maintains a supplemental registry which records information about a dog’s parentage, working and conformation titles earned, the results of UDC breed surveys and fit for breeding tests, temperament tests and the results of health testing. UDC issues pedigrees containing this information. UDC members monitor legislation affecting dogs and dog ownership and, where appropriate, takes public positions on that legislation. Through its official publication, UDC Focus, information about the activities of the UDC and its various committees as well as the results of trials and tests, information about upcoming events, and educational and advertising materials are provided to the membership. The UDC also operates an E-Mail List for UDC members and guests to discuss UDC and Doberman – related matters.