AWDF Championship 2021

A benefit of United Doberman Club membership is the opportunity for qualified dog and handler teams to apply to represent the Doberman breed, the United Doberman Club, and the United States in several prestigious National and International IGP trials. It is the goal of the UDC to select the best handler/Doberman team(s) to represent our club and our breed at each of these events. One of these national events is the annual AWDF (American Working Dog Federation) Team Championship, held in the spring of each year.

2021 DATES

2021 AWDF Championship June 25-27 in Pennsylvania.

Theme:  Back To The Future

Stadium:  Northern Lebanon High School Grass Stadium, Frederickburg, Pennsylvania

Tracking:  Grass Fields

Judges:  Aivo Oblikas (A), Mike Greub (B), Johaness Eitler (C)

Helpers : Marucs Hampton, Attila Takacs, Mark Pellon, & Timo Rieg

Tracking Coordinator & Team:  Lisa Little, Joanne Fleming, Helen Dumond, Kumiko Fitzgerald, Debbie Baldwin

Website From 2020 to be revised:

Live Stream:  WVIK

 The COVID precautions in this video will be followed:  


We are current accepting donations to the 2021 AWDF Competitor’s Fund.  You can donate directly to the UDC AWDF Competitor’s Fund by Paypal.
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Entry Requirements

There are two parts to entering the AWDF Championship to represent the UDC:

  1. Complete and submit a UDC Declaration of Intent. UNITED DOBERMAN CLUB AWDF CHAMPIONSHIP DECLARATION FORM (Click to Download)
  2. Complete and submit the official AWDF entry on the event website prior to the deadline.

In order to declare, please complete Items D.1.a-f in the section entitled Additional Requirements for the AWDF Challenge below.

Send your information to Ashley Stursa by email: You can use the attached Declaration Form. Please no mail in entries.

Qualifications and Deadlines for Application. Handler/Doberman teams that are interested in representing the UDC at the AWDF must meet the general qualifications noted below, along with the specific qualifications stated for a given event. It is the responsibility of each competitor to consult the United Doberman Club website ( for the exact dates of events as the dates may vary from year to year.



A. Owners and handlers of entered Dobermans must be current members in good standing of the UDC.

B. All Dobermans must have a scorebook issued by the AWDF or the UDC.

C. All Dobermans must be registered with the UDC.

D. The handler should be the one with which the team earned its qualifying scores.

E. The competitor must complete and mail Championship Declaration Form, along with a photocopy of the dog’s scorebook, the handler’s current UDC membership card along with any additional documents or explanations-of-circumstances, to the UDC AWDF Chair by the event deadline published on the UDC website.


A. All dogs entering the AWDF championships must be tattooed or microchipped. The handler is responsible for supplying the reader/scanner for the chip.

B. An owner/handler may compete for a new title if s/he has previously titled a dog to the level they are entering or higher, but no dog/handler team may compete at a level lower than the dog’s current title.

C. Team members must wear UDC colors (white shirt and black pants) while trialing and for team photographs.

D. Entry Procedure

1. The owner or handler must submit a completed entry form with the AWDF Trial Secretary no later than 2 weeks prior to the AWDF host club entry closing date. The full entry fee must be paid by the competitor to the AWDF. The closing date for entries will be posted on the AWDF website and on the UDC website. In addition, the handler must submit the following information to the AWDF Team Coordinator:

a) complete contact information for the owner, including home phone, and cell phone if applicable, an current email address if applicable;

b) the dog’s name and titles, along with a copy of the dog’s UDC registration;

c) a copy of the dog’s scorebook;

d) a copy of the owner’s UDC membership card;

e) handler’s shirt/jacket size

f) In addition, if a handler wishes to enter after the UDC entry deadline but before the AWDF host club entry deadline, it will be at the discretion of the AWDF chair. Accommodations will tried to be met, but the handler will understand that if allowed NO TEAM UNIFORM will be provided. The handler must supply their own uniform and it must be in the team colors of the UDC. It is understood that there will not be a UDC logo on the shirt.

2. The UDC AWDF Committee Chair will submit the UDC team entries to the AWDF Trial Chairperson by the closing date for the competition.

E. AWDF Team Challenge Stipends

1. UDC will reimburse the entry fee for the three high scoring Doberman competitors – one from each level (IGP 1, 2, & 3) after the team competes at the AWDF. In order to qualify for the reimbursement, the team must meet all of the conditions listed above and must compete at the event. The team may not be disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct. Should there not be a high scoring Doberman at any given level, an entry fee will not be reimbursed for said level.

2. UDC will provide a logo item to each competitor (item to be determined by the AWDF Committee).