Catherine Poissant

Living in the beautiful Laurentian region (Canada/Quebec) I share my life with 4 Dobermans.
I always loved this breed when I was a child, my aunt had one and for me, I thought all dogs
were dobermans.

I had my first “type” of Doberman 20 years ago, he was a sweet dog, but very little
representative of the breed, thereafter I adopted another Doberman which made me look
into the breed a little more, because he had behavioral problems. It is thanks to him that I
learned the most about the behavior of dogs, I attended a 3 year dog training education, I
rehabilitated dogs (Doberman mainly), I studied the nature versus nurture model and worked
with several rescues. I was always confronted with the same issues, and it became very
frustrating. Many of these issues could have been avoided in the first place (selection of
breeding dogs, socialization at the kennel and selling the dogs to the right people). I felt like I
was only part of the problem by “fixing” the laziness of others.

With the dogs that came to my house, I was also limited in what I could learn and do with the
dogs, their temperament always being a hindrance. So I started my search to find a dog that
was my own, with whom I could go further in my training and eventually become a breeder.
I followed a ton of training courses and read about all aspects of dogs during my research for
my foundation female (nutrition, genetics, training, show handling, puppy socialization, basic

During these researches, I also understood that temperament would not be my only issue,
but health concerns too. In short, after 5 years of research, I found my black pearl.
Dalia is the first Doberman I had with whom I could go further, I put a foot in the world of the
IGP, we passed our BH, we also put a foot in the conformation ring, We were able to attend
shows at UKC, UDC, CKC and also FCI style (FCC). Dalia also passed her BSB, we had fun
in detection, Tricks, Rally, Dalia is always ready to work with me, a stable temperament, a
sociable dog, balanced and joyful. Dalia retired from breeding this year, and we will take
advantage of this to have fun and try new things.

For the next few years, as a director, I would love to help create a club here and continue to
look after the interests of our Canadian members. I would also like to find ways to promote
the UDC in order to get more Canadian members and continue to promote the Total