August 14, 2020 – August 16, 2020 all-day


A benefit of United Doberman Club membership is the opportunity for qualified dog and handler teams to apply to represent the Doberman breed, the United Doberman Club, and the United States in several prestigious National and International IGP trials. It is the goal of the UDC to select the best handler/Doberman team(s) to represent our club and our breed at each of these events. One of these national events is the annual AWDF (American Working Dog Federation) Team Championship, held in the spring of each year.

To: AWDF 2020 Championship Competitors & Staff and the Dog Sport Community
From: James A. Honda
Date:        March 14, 2020
Re: Rescheduling of AWDF Championship
Message: The host team thanks you for your continued support of our efforts to host the 2020 AWDF Championship, a task we work on daily, with transparency, fairness, efficiency and competence as our goals.
Despite our enthusiasm to host this great event, we are forced to temper this enthusiasm due to the overwhelming evidence that supports the following decision:
At this time, due to the concerns and measures taken to address COVID 19, worldwide, we feel it would be in the best interests of all involved and the supporting communities to reschedule the 2020 AWDF Championship as follows:
Practice:  August 12 (Wednesday) and August 13 (Thursday)
Helper Tryouts & Draw for IGP 1 IGP 2 and IGP 3  (August 13, Thursday) Note that This Draw is for Flights But Of Course, Not For Order of Tracks Which Will Be Determined By A Second Draw At The Fields After Tracks Have Been Laid Supervised by the Tracking Coordinator)
Trial Begins (Friday, August 14)
                          AWDF Annual General Board Meeting Time TBA
                          Draw for BH and FH1 and IGP FH
(This Draw is for Flights But Of Course, Not For Order of Tracks Which Will Be Determined By A Second Draw At The Fields After Tracks Have Been Laid Supervised by the Tracking Coordinator)
Trial Continues  BH Practice in Stadium & The Helper Academy Workshop and 5 and Under Competition  FH 1 and IGP FH (Part 1) (Saturday, August 15)
Trial Continues and Ends  Includes IGP FH (Part 2) (Sunday,  August 16th)
Please peruse the website AWDF 2020 Championship for further information. The website should reflect the changes announced herein within a few days.
The venue will work closely with us to ensure that the competition takes place during the most temperate times of the day so we will be starting very early and taking breaks from around 11:00 AM to Dusk in the event temperatures necessitate such, and we will have stadium night lights at our disposal, although it will not get dark until around 8:45 P.M. each evening during that time.
Any competitors that have successfully completed their entry and wish to rescind (cancel) due to the changed dates are asked to request their refund via the event website contact email.  Such a request will be immediately addressed,  information submitted permanently purged, and monies tendered, refunded in full.
Entries will continue to be accepted and the only incentive that can be offered to enter now, rather than later, is that the catalog order will be used in re selection of complimentary assorted color AWDF “baseball” hats (similar to the ones given out during the 2009 AWDF Championship Draw) which will be given away as part of competitor’s (and volunteers’) gifts.
We felt it was necessary to make this decision now, rather than to monitor and wait, because we are aware of the fact that some people who have tendered vacation requests, will need ample time to reapply with the new dates.
We have also consulted with Carlos Rojas, who hosted the Masters in July of 2008, and have received advice to tender to competitors about planes and dog transportation during the summer months. Unexpectedly, Carlos generously offered airplane transportation ticket vouchers for the top 7 finishers of the IGP 3 category to defray travel expenses. Thank you, Carlos.
Because practice time for the FMBB, GSDCA, WDC and Qualifier Competitors after the event will no longer be necessary, we will have a bit more time so we ask anyone confident that they will finish in the Top 3 of the IGP 3 to be prepared to address the audience. The judges, helpers and tracking staff will briefly introduce themselves at the respective draws but to my knowledge, those who have made it to the podium are never provided the opportunity to say a few words.  A local politician may have said a few words in the past, but not the actual podium competitors so we will effectuate this change as well for this event and hope that others follow suit.
We apologize for the convenience caused by this decision but are sure you will support it given the worldwide challenges we now face. Thank you very much.
James Honda /Joe and Lindsay Brockington

2020 DATES

UDC Declaration Form to AWDF Team Coordinator: March 16th, 2020
AWDF Entry Deadline: April 5, 2020
Entries Open: February 15, 2020
AWDF Event Date: Auguest 14, 2020


Northern Lebanon High School Stadium
345 School Dr. Fredricksburg, PA 17026





We are current accepting donations to the 2020 AWDF Competitor’s Fund.  You can donate directly to the UDC AWDF Competitor’s Fund by Paypal.
Send your payment directly to
Please be sure to specify 2020 AWDF Competitor Fund in the note of the payment!

You can also pay by check payable to

United Doberman Club

Mail To

Ms. Meryl Winnie
UDC Treasurer
220 Crow Hill Road
Delanson, NY 12053

Please specify 2020 AWDF Competitor Fund in the memo line of the check!

Entry Requirements

There are two parts to entering the AWDF Championship to represent the UDC:

  1. Complete and submit a UDC Declaration of Intent. UNITED DOBERMAN CLUB AWDF CHAMPIONSHIP DECLARATION FORM (Click to Download)
  2. Complete and submit the official AWDF entry on the event website prior to the deadline.

We will accept your Declaration of Intent for the AWDF until the TBD deadline. This will ensure team logo wear will be ordered and delivered in time.

In order to declare, please complete Items D.1.a-f in the section entitled Additional Requirements for the AWDF Challenge below. Send your information to Ashley Stursa by email to or snail mail to Ashley Stursa, AWDF Team Coordinator, 5955 Stuckey Road, Creston, OH 44217. You can use the attached Declaration Form.

Qualifications and Deadlines for Application. Handler/Doberman teams that are interested in representing the UDC at the AWDF must meet the general qualifications in the Administration Manual Chapter 8, along with the specific qualifications stated for a given event. It is the responsibility of each competitor to consult the United Doberman Club website ( for the exact dates of events as the dates may vary from year to year.

Ashley Stursa

AWDF Team Coordinator – 2020