IDC Weltmeisterschaft


The IDC (International Dobermann Club) Weltmeisterschaft (Working Dog Championship) is THE working Doberman event of the year, and Doberman and handler teams from around the world compete at the IGP3 level to bring home the Championship. Entries to this event must be nominated by the IDC member clubs. Just earning an opportunity to compete is an honor. 

Competitor Requirements

IDC Regulations
UDC Administration Manual, Chapter 8 (from page 139)


IDC Weltmeisterschaft 2024

Hungary from May 3rd to May 5th, 2024

A: Tracking: Clemente Grosso (IT)
B: Obedience: Dohóczki Tamás (HUN)
C: Protection: Werner Rutsch (DE)

The deadline for any other potential qualified dog and handler teams to submit a declaration is March 15th, 2024* Please refer to the UDC Administration Manual Chapter 8 for rules and guidelines to qualify/apply.  Please submit your application via our online form.

More information about the event can be found on the Facebook page:

Qualified dogs must have passed two IGP 3 exams under two different judges with a minimum score of 70-70-85 during the year after the last IDC World Meisterschaft until March 3rd, 2023.  The IDC has made a decision that cropped and/or docked dogs are no longer allowed to participate in any IDC events.

Let’s support our 2024 IDC TEAM USA by donating to our 2024 IDC Competitor’s Fund! Donations to the 2024 IDC Competitor’s Fund will be used in full for the 2024 IDC competition.
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