IDC Weltmeisterschaft

The IDC (International Dobermann Club) Weltmeisterschaft (Working Dog Championship) is THE working Doberman event of the year, and Doberman and handler teams from around the world compete at the IPO3 level to bring home the Championship. Entries to this event must be nominated by the IDC member clubs. Just earning an opportunity to compete is an honor.  The official website can be accessed here:

Competitor Requirements

IDC Regulations
UDC Administration Manual, Chapter 8 (from page 139)


IDC Weltmeisterschaft 2020

“Despite all the controversial rumors that the IDC wouldn’t go ahead this year, we can confirm that these events will definitely taking place!

IDC IGP Trial – We welcome you, May 15-17, 2020 to beautiful Mestrino, Italy. 

IDC Conformation Show will take place September 5th & 6th 2020, near Zagreb, Croatia. The judging team will consist of H. Wiblishauser (DE), T. Becht (DE), A. Pollifrone (IT), E. Szokol (HU) & M. Bedekovic (CR).

We believe that the IDC is stronger than ever before and we will continue to fight for our beloved Dobermann. We will continue to unite the enthusiasts of this beautiful breed from all over the world and provide a platform to talk, discuss and conquer. But above all we will offer a moment to renew and strengthen the international friendships.”

Roland Beunekens, Vice-President
Viva Il Dobermann

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