About the Membership Application Process

About the Application Process

The membership application process takes approximately six to eight weeks to complete. You may contact the membership secretary regarding the status of your application at any time by emailing membership@uniteddobermanclub.com

Online Application – Zooza

Our membership management software is called Zooza. This internet software allows our members to interactively maintain their own information in the UDC membership database, and update it as needed. There is a small processing fee associated with a Zooza application; however, processing your application via the Zooza system provides the following benefits:

  1. Applicant input of data to ensure accuracy. No chance of accidental data inaccuracies when copying from paper forms into Zooza.
  2. Fastest processing time. You application is received immediately and placed into our queue for review. No chance that your application or payment will be lost in the mail.
  3. Secure payment through PayPal. Neither UDC nor Zooza ever handles or stores your credit card information.
  4. No PayPal account required to pay by credit card.
  5. PayPal is far more secure than sending checks or credit card numbers through the mail, or even giving the information over the phone.
  6. Ability to print your own membership card any time you wish.
  7. Store information about your specific dogs which may be generated when you enter dog shows through Zooza.
  8. Easily donate to your favorite cause, such as competition fund or SAR fund.

Other Application Options

  1. Complete your application in PDF form, save and send to the membership secretary. Pay separately by PayPal and send a copy of your PayPal receipt with your emailed application.
  2. Complete and print out your PDF application form, and snail mail with your check to the membership secretary.

Email applications to: membership@uniteddobermanclub.com

Snail mail applications to:

Tammy Rush
12239 SW 110th
Augusta, KS 67010

Apply For Membership Now

I’m ready to apply but I don’t have a sponsor. (please contact a regional director)

Yes, I’m ready to apply for membership with the United Doberman Club via Zooza.

Yes, I’m ready to apply for membership with the United Doberman Club via Email/Snail Mail Membership Application (PDF)