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Why Should I Join the United Doberman Club?

The United Doberman Club is a community of Doberman owners, breeders and admirers. Our members are dedicated to preserving and protecting the working heritage of the Doberman breed. We endorse the concept of the “Total Doberman” – sound in mind and body with the ability and eagerness to please their owner. We have national and international affiliations.

The UDC is the official source for AKC recognition of working titles for Dobermans. The Doberman Pinscher Club of America and its parent club, the American Kennel Club, which is the single breed registry in the United States that is recognized by the FCI, recognize the United Doberman Club as the official endorsing organization for the AKC recognition of IGP(schutzhund) titles earned by AKC registered Dobermans in the United States. IPO titles earned by AKC registered Dobermans at UDC sanctioned events may be added to the dog’s official AKC pedigree to become a part of the dog’s international record of working titles.

The UDC is a member club of the American Working Dog Federation, a club of clubs that promotes working dogs of many different breeds. Each year the UDC fields a team to the AWDF Working Dog Championships and Team Challenge. Through AWDF membership, our UDC working Dobermans that are qualified are offered the chance to represent the USA and the UDC and compete at the FCI World Championships.

The UDC is also a member of the IDC (International Dobermann Club), an international club of Doberman breed clubs from around the world, and provides a financial stipend to our qualified working competitors at this prestigious event.

The UDC promotes the working nature of the Doberman by providing opportunities for Doberman owners to compete with their dogs in a variety of events, by sponsoring seminars, and by awarding special versatility titles to those Dobermans that earn recognition in multiple venues. You will become part of a group of Doberman enthusiasts who believe in testing their dogs’ working ability, who guard against indiscriminate breeding, and whose goal is physical soundness and correct temperament.

We welcome your interest in membership in the United Doberman Club. Our club is dedicated to the concept of the Total Doberman, sound in body and strong in character. We encourage our members to participate in UDC events and get to know other like-minded Doberman owners who value the working heritage of our breed. We welcome member applicants who will uphold our Code of Ethics to preserve and protect our breed.

About the Application Process

Our membership management software is called Zooza. This internet software allows our members to interactively maintain their own information in the UDC database, and update it as needed. There is a small processing fee associated with a Zooza application; however, processing your application via the Zooza system provides the following benefits:

  • Applicant input of data to insure accuracy. No chance of accidental data inaccuracies when copying from paper forms into Zooza.
  • Faster processing time. You application is received immediately and placed into our queue for review. No chance that your application or payment will be lost in the mail.
  • Secure payment through PayPal. Neither UDC nor Zooza ever handles or stores your credit card information.
  • No PayPal account required to pay by credit card. PayPal is far more secure than sending checks or credit card numbers through the mail, or even giving the information over the phone (when credit card numbers are provided over the phone, they are written down somewhere!)
  • Automatically pro-rated application fee.
  • Ability to print your own membership card any time you wish.
  • Store information about your specific dogs which may be generated when you enter dog shows through Zooza.
  • Renew your yearly membership on line.
  • Easily donate to your favorite cause, such as competition fund or SAR fund.

We also offer other options; however these options are more expensive for the Club to operate, and they are more error prone due to possible errors in data transfer and they are slower as well, because data must be transferred manually, and checks must be recorded and deposited manually.

Other options:

  1. Complete your application in PDF form, save and send to the membership secretary. Pay separately by PayPal and send a copy of your PayPal receipt with your emailed application.
  2. Complete and print out your PDF application form, and snail mail with your check to the membership secretary.

Email applications to:

Snail mail applications to:

Tammy Rush
12239 SW 110th
Augusta, KS 67010

The application process takes approximately six to eight weeks. You may contact the membership secretary regarding the status of your application at any time by emailing

Yes, I’m ready to apply for membership with the United Doberman Club via Zooza.

Yes, I’m ready to apply for membership with the United Doberman Club via Email/Snail Mail Membership Application (PDF)