Nikki Kimura & Akina vom Apexe. 2023 USCA NW Region IGP Championship. Lincoln, CA.

Nikki and Kina earned new titles!

Nikki Kimura and Akina “Kina” vom Apexe had a busy 2023 and earned 3 IGP3s (at 3 different championships) and an FH1. Nikki and Kina competed for an IGP3-USCA Southwest Regionals getting 6th place and earning high scoring auslander in Pala, California. They competed for an IGP3 at UDC Nationals earning High Point All Around Doberman, Vice Champion, high protection, high obedience in Oakville, Washington. They also competed for their IGP3 at USCA Northwest Regionals in Lincoln, California and lastly an FH1 at Wild West GSDCA Spring Trial in Delhi, California.

photo credit: Brian Aghajani